Academics: Selecting a Major


Questions to Ask About Selecting a Major

Woman consults with academic advisor in school libraryWhat kinds of academic advising are available?

Be sure to ask about academic advising. It will allow you to navigate any unexpected life changes that may come your way. You may ask: what is a major? A minor? How do you go about selecting the one that is right for you (what should you consider)? How do you go about declaring a major? How do you go about tracking progress toward completing a major?

Student outside on campus looks at viewerHow do I change my major?

It is always a good idea to meet with an academic advisor to discuss possible changes and the path to completion if you decide to change your major. It is not uncommon for students to redirect to other interests and majors while in college, or when returning to college.

creditsWhat happens to my credits from my previous major or other courses?

Again, meet with an academic advisor to discuss the effects of changing the major.

transferWhat is being done to ensure classes are scheduled with student needs in mind? That the classes I need to graduate will be available?

Many institutions will give priority for enrollment in courses to returning students before opening enrollment to new students. Likewise, often institutions will have policies in place allowing for students nearing completion of their programs first priority in upper-level courses.

Pause button on computerIf I need to leave my program for a while to attend to family or work issues, will I be able to complete my program?

Many students “stop” out and return to finish at a later time.  Before you leave, find out if you need to complete a “Leave of Absence” process and if there will be new program requirements when you return.

Closeup of a clock and calendarIs it possible to enroll part time?

Ask questions about how long you may be enrolled in a program before graduation if you consider going part time. In addition, check on the financial aid requirements for part time enrollment.