Housing and Transportation


Questions to Ask 

Woman packing books into moving box

  1. What are options for student housing? On campus? Off campus? Dorms or apartments? Singles or doubles? Are their age restrictions by housing type?
  2. How many years would I be required to live on campus?
  3. Are there learning communities in any dorms?
  4. Is there parking on campus? What is the cost? How near is the parking to classes, offices, and recreational programs?
  5. What transportation options are available to get to and from a campus? 
  6. Is there transportation on campus to get to and from different buildings? 

Two women talking and studying together

For residential students, will I be able to select my own room and if not, roommate?

Many residential institutions require first-year students to live on campus for the first year or two.

Closeup of a student sitting on top of a suitcase at the airport

Are the dorms closed during vacations and holidays?

This can be especially important for international students who will not be able to find accommodations during those times.

Two students sitting in the living room of a house

Do fraternities and sororities count as “on campus” to meet any residential requirements, and if so when will it be an available option?

Some institutions require students to live in dorms first.