Questions to Ask about Student Populations


Questions to Ask About Student Populations

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How many students are enrolled?

Knowing how many students are enrolled in the program under consideration is an important question. It can demonstrate the amount of attention you will get from faculty, the potential class sizes, and the overall viability of the program and the institution.

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Is the information about DEI easy to access?

Attention to DEI issues is rising and the response may vary from institution to institution. Finding ways to determine not only how the college or university “talks the talk,” but also “walks the walk,” is important. Look for DEI markers which can be found such as enrollment mix, faculty diversity, programming, affinity groups/spaces, and extra-curricular activities, and other strategic documents.

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Other Questions to Ask

  • What services does the institution provide for adult learners?
  • How many students attend as transfer students?
  • If I am an online learner, how can I become part of and connect with the campus community?
  • What is the diversity of the student body of the college?
  • Does the institution offer any activities or services specifically for minority populations?
  • Are you interested in an institution designated as a Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) or Historically Black College or University (HBCU)?
  • How can I evaluate if the campus culture is the right fit for me?