Prior Learning


Questions to Ask About Credits Taken Before Enrolling in a College or Post-Secondary Course

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Dual credit (or dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment) courses are courses you can take in high school for high school and college credit which can save you time and money toward earning your college degree. If you are an adult learner, you can ask these questions of the colleges you are considering or in which you are enrolled. High schools can ask their high school guidance counselor as well as specific colleges to which you are applying.

  1. Does my high school offer dual enrollment courses?

  2. Will the course count for both high school credit and college credit?

  3. Which college accepts the credit from a specific dual enrollment course and is there an identified score that will count? Scores that are accepted vary by college.

  4. Will the course meet any professional licensure requirements in the field I will am considering?

  5. What other types of credit will I be able to earn credits before enrolling?
  6. Does the institution recognize Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits and specifically, for which course?
  7. Does your institution have a process for recognizing prior learning? Many people have knowledge that they have gained through their work, military, or volunteer experiences. Prior learning assessment (PLA) is the awarding of academic credit based on the evaluation of verifiable college-level learning achieved outside of an academic environment. Some institutions award credit for this knowledge and this could help you more quickly earn a credential or degree.)