Employment and Career Services


Questions to Ask About Career and Employment Services

Check to see if there are classes or offices (like Career Services) that can help you and find out what options are available. Also, inquire how the faculty can support your goals.

  1. medstudent-01
    Is there a career planning and employment office available?
  2. Will the office help me find a job while I am taking classes?
  3. Does the college offer work study opportunities for students?
  4. What opportunities are there for me to learn some skills through the program through employers in my industry like internships, apprenticeships, or clinical training? When can students begin participating in these activities, if they are available?  Are there paid possibilities?
  5. How does the career office or other support service areas help students find a job when they complete the program?
  6. What internships and apprenticeships are available?
  7. How will the institution help me to build a resume and prepare for job interviews?
  8. How will the institution help me to find a job so I can use the degree or other credential that I earn?
  9. Does the institution offer career fairs when employers visit the campus to meet with students?
  10. Is there a website with job openings that you can check?
  11. What percentage of students obtain jobs through the office when they complete the program?
  12. Will I be positioned to get a job when I graduate with a salary to pay back my student loans?


Buyer Beware

Your education is a large investment, so it is important to have a sense of what jobs are available for graduates, and whether those jobs will come with salaries sufficient to pay back student loans. Many factors impact the answers to this question, including the level of skills and competencies you will take responsibility for gaining. Facts about the job market and entry level salaries associated with specific degree programs are available, however, many institutions will disclose job attainment information on their website under “consumer information” or “student right to know.” Contact the career services office or other related services at the institution for more information.