Transfer of Credit


Questions to Ask About Transfer of Credit

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Is there a limit on the number of credits that can be transferred into the institution?

The institution that you are considering transferring to may limit (or choose not to accept any of) the amount of credit that may be applied to your degree, particularly from two-year institutions, i.e., community colleges.  And some institutions may require you to retake a course if the credit was earned several years ago, for example.

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Will the institution recognize my credits earned at another institution?

Many institutions publish their agreements (often called ‘articulation agreements’) with other institutions, showing what they will and will not accept as transfer credit.  In some instances, the credit from certain institutions may not be recognized in transfer.  Be sure to inquire whether the credits you earned at your previous institutions will apply toward your degree. 

Costs and Finances

Buyer Beware

What is the transferability of credits I will earn to other colleges and universities? This is a critical question. Sometimes students misunderstand how and if their credits will transfer to another institution. This can lead to a lot of frustration, loss of credits and additional debt. Before you sign on to a college, program, or other credential, seek evidence that it is transferable to other institutions. That evidence must include asking questions of potential transfer institutions.